Why Is Travel Insurance Compulsory For Getting A Visa?

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Even though it is an exciting prospect, travelling internationally requires careful planning and research before boarding a flight to your destination. Depending on the nation you plan to visit, its sovereign government may decide you need a travel visa to enter its borders.

A visa is an official document that the nation (that you intend to visit) issues to you, along with the authorisation to enter its territory and remain there for a predetermined amount of time. However, not all visas are created equal, and each nation has its own laws that apply to tourists and business travellers differently. Some countries grant general visas valid for a set amount of time, while others issue permits based on the reason for your visit.

A Travel Visa Requires Proof Of Insurance

Remember that you would also require valid travel medical insurance if you wanted to visit a country that requires a visa. Travel medical insurance provides evidence that costs associated with a potential hospital stay, returning home, or attending to other medical emergencies are adequately covered.

For instance, if you plan to stay in any Schengen country for longer than 90 days, regardless of whether you’re a tourist or travelling there for business, you only need one visa. A travel medical insurance policy is also a requirement for obtaining a Schengen visa.

Travel Protection

Getting A Visa By Purchasing Travel Insurance

Most of the time, purchasing a comprehensive travel insurance plan will take care of all your requirements for obtaining a visa. However, if you are still determining the extent of coverage, it is ideal to inquire with the insurance interface. Before leaving for your destination, you must understand and feel confident that you are fully covered.

Why Must I Have Travel Insurance To Obtain A Visa?

Some visas require you to show documentation proving you purchased travel medical insurance from a reputable provider. Ensure the chosen insurance provider is authorised and well-respected in the nation you intend to visit.

In addition to protecting you from a variety of medical emergencies, a travel insurance policy is made to cover the following:

  • In The Event Of A Natural Disaster Or Catastrophic Event, Emergency Evacuation To One’s Home Country
  • Returning A Child
  • Luggage Misplacement Or Theft Of Valuables
  • Passport And Other Documents Lost
  • Flight Cancellations Or Delays

You must have travel insurance to obtain visas for certain countries, such as a Mauritius visa for Indians, so you won’t suffer financial loss if you develop a condition or experience another medical emergency while travelling. Similarly, one can also avail of a Nepal visa for Indians.

Travel insurance is often made compulsory for obtaining a visa due to its importance in protecting both the traveller and the host country. It provides financial coverage for medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and other unforeseen circumstances, reducing the potential burden on the traveller and the local healthcare system. Additionally, travel insurance ensures that the traveller has the means to cover any potential liabilities, ensuring a smoother and safer travel experience overall.

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