Why is Blue World City the best project for Real Estate?

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Blue World City is one of the best projects in Pakistan’s real estate market. It is a housing project near the new Islamabad International Airport. Blue Group of Companies and Shan Jian Municipal Engineering from China worked together to make it happen. It is said to be Pakistan’s first Pak-China housing society. The project covers more than 5,000 Kanal. Some things make Blue World City the best real estate project and set it apart from other housing projects. Let’s talk in more depth about these features:

Blue World City is in a great spot.

Yes, Blue World City in Islamabad is in a great spot near the new Islamabad International Airport, a central transportation hub in Pakistan. The project is also close to the CPEC route, a major infrastructure development project between Pakistan and China that is expected to bring economic growth to the area.

Also, Blue World City is near the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway and the M2 Motorway, making it easy to get to big cities like Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi. Residents and investors who want to travel often for work or fun will find this place convenient and easy.

Also, the project is close to significant housing societies like Bahria Town, one of the country’s most developed and notable housing projects. The fact that Blue World City is close to Bahria Town and other developed areas can also help the city grow, and its property values will rise in the future.

Modern Infrastructure

Blue World City is supposed to have the modern infrastructure people need to live comfortably and efficiently. The project plans to have wide roads, sidewalks, and green spaces, making it a nice place to live. The people who built Blue World City have also ensured that basic things like water, sewers, and a way to get rid of trash will be available. The project should have a waste management system that works well and can last long. This is important for keeping the environment clean and healthy.

Also, this real estate project in Pakistan is supposed to have a steady and reliable supply of electricity, which is a big problem in many parts of Pakistan. This will ensure that people can access essential services and live without worrying about losing power.

Blue World City is supposed to have basic infrastructure and everyday things like a sports complex, theme park, Water Park, and shopping mall. Residents will be able to do fun things and relax with these amenities. Which will add to the overall quality of life in the project. The project is meant to have modern infrastructure. Such as wide roads, a water supply, sewers, and a system to eliminate the trash.

Fair prices

The project’s prices for plots and houses are reasonable, making it a good choice for investors and buyers. Near Islamabad, Pakistan is a housing project called Blue World City. The project has a variety of homes and businesses for sale at reasonable prices. It is a good choice for people who want to buy property in the area.

The payment plan for residential properties in Blue World City in Islamabad depends on what kind of property it is and how big it is. The project gives people a lot of choices, such as plots, apartments, and villas. Prices for stories start around PKR 700,000 for a 5-Marla plot, while prices for apartments start at PKR 1.5 million for a one-bedroom apartment.

Blue World City has affordable prices and a lot of amenities and facilities, such as a water park, a sports complex, shopping areas, and mosques. The new Islamabad International Airport is also near the real estate residential project. Which makes it a good choice for people who travel a lot.

Work between Pakistan and China

Blue World City is a joint project between companies from Pakistan and China. This means that the project will benefit from the knowledge and skills of both countries. The strategic partnership between Pakistan and China is what is meant by “Pak-China collaboration.” The relationship between the two countries has been good for a long time. And it has gotten much better in the last few years.

Pakistan and China work together because they have similar goals, trust, and respect for each other. Both countries want peace, stability, and economic growth in the region. China has helped Pakistan in many ways, like building infrastructure, energy, defense, and trade.

Conveniences for living

A theme park, Water Park, sports complex, and shopping mall are among the planned lifestyle amenities for the project. Blue World City’s features make it a good choice for people who want to live in a modern and comfortable way.

Blue World City has some of the following lifestyle amenities and facilities:

Water Park: The project has a water park with swimming pools, slides, waterfalls, and other water-based activities and attractions.

Sports Complex: Blue World City has a sports complex with places to play cricket, football, and tennis, among other sports. There is also a gym and fitness center in the building.

Commercial Areas: There are several commercial areas in the project, with shops, restaurants, cafes, and other places to buy things. People in these areas can quickly get a wide range of goods and services.

Mosques: Islamabad’s real estate housing society has several mosques, including a large mosque. So it’s easy for people to go to places of worship.

Parks and playgrounds: Blue World City has some parks and gardens that give people places to play and enjoy the outdoors.

Educational Institutions: The project also includes plans to build schools, colleges, and universities so that the people who live there can get a good education.


Islamabad’s best real estate project is Blue World City and Rudn Enclave. It has a variety of amenities and facilities that fit the needs of modern and urban living. Making it a good choice for people who want a comfortable and easy way to live.

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