Surgical Abortion Or Abortion Pills in Ras Al-Khaimah

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Midwives can now terminate the pregnancy or Abortion Pills available in Ras Al-Khaimah quickly in the hospital ward or from pharmacies in Ras AL-Khaimah. Because it’s part of a proposed trial in 18 institutions. Until then, they can only accompany women in matters of medical abortion. The Ministry of Health and Prevention announces, this Friday, November 4, 2022.

The Start Of An Experiment In The Health Center:

The effectiveness of quick abortion pills available in Ras Al-Khaimah by our certified doctors for midwives. In order to endorse the right to abortion and concretely support women’s opportunity for voluntary termination of pregnancy, regardless of their place of residence and their situation, the press release explains.

A Pre-Production Trial in 2023:

Therefore, 18 health centers have been selected to participate in the experiment and will offer women this new type of training in the coming months. Laws and regulations published at the end of 2021 in the Official Journal define the conditions required in the organization of medical institutions, the training and experience of midwives to ensure the safety of the practice and the quality of their performance. The message specifies that the next step will be cooperation during 2023 with all health institutions that want to participate in this process, and the adoption of the law of March 2, 2022 to strengthen access to abortion.

A New Source For Midwives:

The new authority granted to midwives “will improve the chances of pregnancy by expanding the number of professionals who can be involved”, admits the Ministry of Health. To perform surgical termination of pregnancy, the midwife must have a university degree in orthogenesis or a minimum of one-year prior professional experience in women’s health, including six months in orthogenesis, supplemented by a two-day introductory course, legal system. training in surgical practice of voluntary termination of pregnancy, its problems in the area of ​​analgesia, and organized health activities to do.

Voluntarily Termination Of Pregnancy:

In addition, it must benefit from practical training, which includes the observation of at least thirty acts of voluntary termination of pregnancy by using equipment in addition to the performance of at least thirty, before the doctor. trained in this profession and has more than two years of experience in this field or has done more than 60 procedures.

Since the health law of January 2016, midwives can prescribe and perform medical abortions. Outside the health center, they can perform a medical abortion within the limit of seven weeks of amenorrhea, and five weeks of pregnancy. If a medical abortion is performed in a hospital, the period can be extended to nine weeks of amenorrhea or seven weeks of pregnancy.

They chose to have an abortion at one point and did not regret it:

Whatever anti-abortionists say, women are not the victims of their abortions. The four readers presented are the ones who made the choice, which was best for them at the time, to stop doing them. This is one of the favorite arguments of anti-abortionists: a woman who has an abortion will soon regret it. It is clear that this behavior is followed by unhappiness, even if he is depressed, he will not even recover from it. Attacks that have, to date, no scientific basis. It would be the opposite. According to a recent American study on the long-term psychological effects of abortion, 99% of women believe that they have made the right choice five years after choosing to have an abortion.

Participants in the study:

In the journal Social Science & Medicine, were asked questions about their feelings (distraction, happiness, regret, guilt, sadness, anger) after the event but also because of the next few years, five years. Previous research reveals that it is the stigma of abortion in society that is a risk factor for negative emotions after abortion, rather than the abortion itself. The discovery of Martin Winckler, a doctor and author of many books on women’s health, can be done during his career: “When I started to get pregnant, I quickly realized that when a woman decides to terminate a pregnancy, she has already thought about it. The only people I’ve heard regret later are those whose members (spouses, families) pushed for the abortion,” he explained in a tweet published on January 15, 2020.

This is where the fantasized image of the weak woman, who is not sure of her choice and victim, falls into place. After our story about the emotional impact of abortion was published, many of you reacted and shared your experiences. A lot of evidence provides points and numbers of studies. And that we want it to be clear.

From my side for a moment: I want to get pregnant. The gynecologist I was visiting was not pleasant at all. Regardless, my decision was made. A few questions follow. And if but in my mind so long that my shoes fall off quickly.


At the end of this discussion, our certified doctors analyzed that surgical and buying abortion pills in Ras Al-Khaimah both are beneficial for women’s health. Women can adopt now plenty of options to do the same.

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