KanTime Health vs EpicCare EMR: Overview, Benefits, Pricing, & Reviews!

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Users often face difficulty when the puzzle to pick between KanTime Health vs EpicCare debate leaves them confused. Although both systems have versatile and numerous tools for practitioners, their close competition demands assistance for the users to make a more optimized decision. 

However, there are nitty-gritty considerations, such as price, benefits, and reviews of KanTime Health Software and EpicCare EMR Software, which users should consider when making their choice. Keeping in view these factors, we’ll compare KanTime Health vs EpicCare according to their key benefits, estimated cost, and user feedback to help you pick the best option for your business.

Hopefully, this comparison of KanTime Health vs EpicCare will assist you in narrowing down your options.

KanTime Health Software:

Increasing clinical efficiency, fortifying compliance, and bolstering business results are all areas where KanTime Software plays a crucial role for healthcare providers. The KanTime Software has insight modules that provide users with the information they need to gain an understanding of commonplace administrative, medical, and financial procedures. Additionally, it provides comprehensive IT support to hospitals caring for different patients of all ages, including those in pediatrics, internal medicine, geriatrics, oncology, and psychiatry, as well as those in hospice and palliative care.

KanTime Health Software helps doctors and patients talk more effectively by centralizing their medical records. The system’s back-end employees can monitor KPIs in real-time using a customizable dashboard. By implementing clinical validity assessment modules, medical businesses can speed up the payment and revenue-collecting processes. It works with mobile devices running iOS, Android, and Windows.

In addition, KanTime Software has a real-time audit tool that keeps tabs on your files as you work. Thanks to KanTime versatile tools, users can rest certain that their data is always up-to-date and secure.

EpicCare EMR Software:

If your healthcare business is large enough to need a complete digital records system that also satisfies the criteria of the HITECH Act, then EpicCare EMR Software might be a suitable option. This is an excellent choice for large healthcare facilities due to its advanced features like reporting tools and a safe patient portal.

Large hospitals and medical centers with a high volume of patient records will benefit most from using EpicCare. By facilitating more effective communication amongst team members, EpicCare EMR Software enhances the standard of care that may be provided to patients. Moreover, EpicCare EMR Software ensures that businesses are constantly in accordance with all the rules involved with Meaningful Use Stages 1-2.

The EpicCare EMR Software offers a customizable user interface, intuitive dashboards, and state-of-the-art tools for medical professionals. Medical facilities can utilize the program’s built-in budget tracking features to keep tabs on their revenue and expenses. Now with EpicCare EMR Software, doctors and patients may access patient histories from their iOS devices.

KanTime Health vs EpicCare EMR Benefits:

KanTime Health Software Benefits:

  • Because of its robust scheduling capabilities, KanTime Software boosts output while lowering the probability of a human mistake in data input and transmission. An advanced scheduling portal works around doctors’ packed schedules without lowering service standards, which helps to accommodate practice management accordingly.
  • With KanTime Health Software, patients and doctors can access a comprehensive referral management solution. It centralizes data from new patient registrations to monitor potential clients more efficiently. Doctors can use this function to prompt patients to bring in the required forms and payment.
  • KanTime Software’s straightforward charts and data provide profound insight into your typical daily statistics, including the duration of patients’ treatments, the number of admits, the number of RECERTs, the number of discharges, the amount of revenue, the number of anomalies, the number of collections, and the overall efficiency.
  • Digital documentation of patient contacts allows clinicians to improve healthcare management while cutting expenses and extra time. A doctor can track a patient’s status toward their milestones and determine the best time and course of treatment using the notes portion of KanTime Software.

EpicCare EMR Software Benefits:

  • EpicCare EMR was created to provide easy and quick access to relevant data for medical professionals. The simplicity of this software’s interface is an overarching layout focus.
  • With a safe and secure portal, patients of clinics using EpicCare EMR Software can quickly and easily access their medical information and details. Digital appointment setting and test results are also provided for patient ease.
  • EpicCare EMR Software provides its users with access to robust analytics capabilities that facilitate the examination of patient data for the purpose of making informed treatment decisions.
  • The modernized telemedicine option in EpicCare EMR Software has greatly improved the quality of care provided to patients. The comprehensive reporting for monitoring systems given by EpicCare EMR Software indicates the program’s adherence to patient privacy and the secrecy of its telehealth capabilities.

KanTime vs EpicCare Reviews:

KanTime Health Reviews:

The flexibility and user-friendliness of KanTime have been praised in a number of user comments. They also highlight the program’s straightforwardness in regard to import and export operations. Using KanTime also benefits from being compliant and having a fast user interface. Nonetheless, some customers have complained about KanTime Software’s support services and opine that its support needs to be improved.

EpicCare Reviews:

EpicCare reviews from more extensive healthcare settings are significantly positive, as they highlight the system being highly valuable with its upgraded tools for meeting larger hospitals’ expectations. Many users also laud EpicCare Software analytics tools, which provide insightful data-driven assistance. Similarly, as per its reviews, there are several other advantages of EpicCare EMR Software; however, users add that it is better suitable for only extensive clinic facilities.

KanTime vs EpicCare Pricing:

KanTime Pricing:

The cost of KanTime Health Software is not yet public; it is only available upon request. Further, if you have any questions about the finer points of the KanTime Software suite, you can reach out to a vendor, such as Software Finder. Software Finder can also provide you with a KanTime demo.

EpicCare Pricing:

EpicCare EMR Software has several different pricing tiers, each catering to a different business size and set of features needs. Prices per user start at around $99 monthly for startups and scale up to $2,000 to $15,000 monthly for enterprises. If you’re interested in trying out EpicCare EMR Software, don’t hesitate to contact Software Finder for a demo.

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