Extend The Life Of Home Appliances Which Doesn’t Need Repair Services

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Many people wonder if it is possible to extend the life of their home appliances repair services. The answer is yes! In fact, there is nothing worse than changing household appliances such as a refrigerator or washing machine. This is often expensive and burdensome. There are different ways to extend their life. This secret is often hidden behind proper care and use. EDT Engie explains how to extend the life of your appliances.

Choose The Right Software For Home Appliance:

For Your home appliances repair services, the first piece of advice we can give you is to choose your furniture wisely. It is true that a good device requires a small budget, but it will pay you back in the long run. We advise you to choose well-known brands in their area and to pay attention to certain standards. Eating habits are also important. Energy-efficient appliances are less likely to fail. A device with an A+ or A++ rating is a guarantee of quality and safety.

How To Extend The Life Of Your Device?

Now that you know how to choose your apps, let’s see how to save each one.

Manage Your Washing Machine:

Maintaining your washing machine is similar to maintaining your dishwasher. Descaling is necessary once or twice a year. To lower it, make a short cycle at 30 ° C by adding half a liter of white wine directly to the drum. As with dish filters, the filter and hoses are checked regularly to make sure nothing is blocking the water.

Finally, when you put your clothes in your machine, don’t forget to empty your bag! Any tissue, paper or anything else can damage the washing machine and clog the filter and pipes in addition leaving you with a nice surprise once the cycle is over.

Keep Your Fridge And Freezer Stocked:

The refrigerator is a real energy-consuming appliance in your home. Having the right appliances will help you reduce the consumption of your kitchen and avoid breakdowns. The latter is important in your home, so take care of it!

The location of your refrigerator is the first thing you should look at. Remember to store it away from doors that may lead outside. Temperature changes involve additional energy consumption. In addition, it is recommended not to stick to the wall, preferably at least 5 centimeters from it. This is to avoid overheating and to prevent the ventilation system from becoming dirty. Finally, for your freezer, it must be cooled regularly, 4 to 5 times a year. It is possible to choose a device with automatic shutdown after purchase. Freezing causes problems with these devices. This also results in higher refrigerant consumption, which can be 30% higher. Attention, cold or cold water should be used to remove the cold and not hot.

Take Care Of Your Microwave:

Another ubiquitous appliance in our kitchen is the microwave. To extend the life of the latter, many recommendations are available. The first is to not let it run if it is empty. This damages the magnetron in the microwave. Respect the weight limits indicated on the device.

Another habit we all have is putting things in our microwave. This also seems to be something that can damage the device. Be careful not to heat covered products. Finally, cleaning the inside of the microwave regularly is also important to extend its life. To optimize its use, note that oval plates are hotter than round plates. Also remember to teach your children these gestures, who are also affected by the electricity of your home.

Prefers Repair Rather Than Replacement:

For other household appliances, there are no special recommendations for extending their life, except cleaning them regularly. On the other hand, for all these devices, the last golden rule is to recommend regular repairs rather than replacement of these devices. On the one hand because it will cost you more, and because it is very bad in terms of waste. Many devices are thrown away every year, while some can be repaired or recycled. This is why it is important to invest in good tools, which will last a long time and which will not be lost at any time.

EDT Engie Helps You Save Energy:

Extending the life of your equipment is important. On the one hand to increase their use and efficiency. On the other hand, saving energy costs well. Therefore, regular cleaning and maintenance of these devices is important. The leading electricity supplier in the United Arab Emirates, EDT Engie supports you and helps you save energy. In particular, you can calculate your energy consumption on our site to see how you can save money.

It is better to understand your home appliances which works for a longer period of time. So it’s up to you which type of home appliance suits for your family needs and requirements. For further info you can visit Samsung Appliances websites you will find best appliances for your home. Which needs less repair services.

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