7 Easy Ways to Make Rigid Boxes Faster

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There are multiple packaging choices in the market. But not all of them are worth spending money on. Rigid boxes are one of the few choices that are worthy of spending money on. When it comes to the safety of your product, no brand should ever compromise. Rigid packaging is one of the safest choices. It checks strength, safety, and allure. Settling for low-quality packages mean damaging the product as well as the brand reputation. That will not be the case with rigid containers. But spending weeks on building custom packages is not a smart move. Here are a few tips on how you can have high-quality containers for your products designed quickly.

Making Rigid Boxes with Lids 

The first great yet easy way is by creating a design of rigid boxes with lids. Lids are a great solution. They allow the customers to open and look inside the package very easily. Similarly, the package can also be closed just as conveniently. Apart from the hassle-free nature, lids look good on boxes of different styles. Whether it is oval, square, or any other design, a lid brings beauty to the table. It adds grace to the package. Furthermore, lids are also a great way to ensure that the product inside remains tucked securely.

Using Clamshell Design 

The second amazing way that you can design a wide range of rigid boxes wholesale is by utilizing the clamshell design. It can be created very quickly and it also makes sure that the items remain safe. this design also looks appealing. The brand can add any print on the front of its package to enhance its beauty. They can even add designs on the inside of the clamshell rigid packaging.

Adding Built-in Inserts 

Brands often spend too much time designing and creating the perfect inserts for their packages. This not only increases the production time of the rigid package but is also a waste of resources. Instead of this, a great way to speed up the process is by using built-in inserts. They can easily place such inserts inside their rigid cartons and make boxes faster. These inserts will make sure the product does not move around.

Building Handles 

Handles are a great addition to any package. They are not only aesthetically pleasing. But they are also very useful. Custom rigid boxes that come with handles serve multiple purposes. They can help in enhancing the beauty of a product. Moreover, they can also help in easily carrying the package, which is an additional benefit.

Window Cuts 

When window cuts are added to a package, its beauty increases tenfold. They bring more allure to the custom printed rigid boxes. They also make it easier for the customers to take a peek inside the package. Even a single look at the product makes a difference. Therefore, the customers are attracted to the product more than compared to regular boxes.

Embossing Logos 

Another technique that may seem small, but makes a huge difference is the addition of logos in the right place. When a brand uses the technique of embossing to add its logos to the rigid packaging, it serves multiple purposes. It attracts more customers with the appealing style. It also makes the boxes more prominent.

Go for Easily Collapsible Rigid Boxes

The last simple yet effective method for creating rigid cartons quickly is by using a collapsible design. This small detail speeds up the production, as well as adds other benefits to the package. It also makes it easier for the brand to store the boxes. Due to their compact design, they take up less space. So, the brand can enjoy multiple benefits by simply adding the feature of collapsible to its rigid packaging.

In conclusion, if a brand needs both safety and appeal from its package, going for rigid ones is the right choice. But as amazing as rigid boxes are, their production time makes them seem less appealing. However, with the seven methods shared above, it will be possible to take advantage of the benefits of faster production.

Print the Right Information on Custom Boxes

Obviously, everyone business wants to achieve instant success. So they go beyond expectations and work hard to achieve it. Sometimes on their way to get instant product visibility on shelves, brands often overstate the product’s quality through packaging boxes. Let’s say the customers find out that the product doesn’t match the imagery shown on the boxes. This would have a negative impact on the brand and on customers. Believe it. It would be just that one time they buy your products. They won’t give you a second chance. So, your printed custom boxes must reflect the truth. Hence, the boxes must depict exactly what is inside them to grab customers’ attention for a long.

Use Legible Fonts

Today, customers have hundreds of options in all industries. This is a highly competitive field. Customers care about two things when making a buying decision: the product’s function and the reputation of the company making it. Making sure customers understand what your product can do depends on your font choice. If the font on your label is excessively fancy or difficult to see, customers may get the wrong idea. When creating your custom boxes, you should think about the text size as well. If the font size is too small, potential customers may not be able to see important details about your products. Yet, too much text might make the packaging seem chaotic.

 Custom boxes and branded packaging are available in an array of options. Without overdoing it, use them wisely to advertise. When you want to go for custom box options, don’t forget the five effective lessons above. So, choose the box type carefully, get a well-thought design, make it eco-friendly, and do honest marketing

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